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Egypt Salt

MGI Egypt Salt is the Trade Name of the Salt Division of Midgulf International Ltd. We sell Rock Salt for Deicing purposes and we deliver it onboard top class vessels all the way from the desert of Egypt. We have

Industrial Minerals

– Bentonite – Calcium Carbonate – Diatomite – Dolomite – Feldspar – Ilmenite – Kaolin – Limestone – MICA – Quartz – Rock Mine Salt – Rock Phosphate – Sepiolite – Silica Sand – TALC – Zeolite

Refined Petroleum Products

LPG  Light distillates  – Gasoline – Naphtha – Solvents Middle distillates  – Jet – Gasoil Fuel Oil  Lubricating Oils  Paraffins and Slack Waxes 

Agricultural Commodities

Wheat: Wheat is the most widely consumed grain in the world. In such a demanding and competitive wheat market, the experience of Midgulf makes us a supplier of choice.We provide our clients with the best available qualities of all types of

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