About Us

Midgulf, established in 1976 as a trading house specializing in trading, marketing and distribution of fertilizers and fertilizer raw materials. Over the years, our portfolio has expanded to cover grains and food commodities.

In addition to the diversified traded products, we have also expanded our shipping and logistics activities to cover warehousing and distribution in selected markets. The total turnover in 2019 was in excess of 4 million metric tons.

Besides our main offices and subsidiaries, Midgulf operates internationally through a network of representative offices, covering Europe, China, Brazil, the Middle East, South and West Africa & S.E. Asia. Today, Midgulf is trading its commodities in over 30 countries.

We are a member of the following organizations:

  • The International Fertilizer Association (IFA)
  • The Arab Fertilizer Association (AFA)