Agricultural Commodities

Wheat: Wheat is the most widely consumed grain in the world. In such a demanding and competitive wheat market, the experience of Midgulf makes us a supplier of choice.We provide our clients with the best available qualities of all types of wheat including Durum at competitive prices. Oilseeds: Oilseeds (soybeans, rapeseeds, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds) form an important trading portion. This growing sector and its diversified segment in the worldwide commerce of agricultural products such as vegetable oils, and animal feeds remains important for Midgulf.
Flour: Wheat and Corn Flour trading is still considered an important part of the 3rd world demand. Midgulf, over the years have established a strong regional network to serve most destinations promptly with quality products at market level prices. Rice: Rice is now cultivated in both tropical and non-tropical climates. Rice is processed at origin, therefore, requiring a strict quality control during all stages of processing. We are careful in chartering qualified vessels to carry on such sensitive commodity.
Feed Grains: Barley, Soybean meal, Corn, Sorghum and various other feed meals form a sufficient part of Midgulf`s trading volumes. Our presence at all sourcing points and our constant shipping programs to niche destinations worldwide, ensure that we are ready to provide supplies to our customers at all times. Pulses (Beans, Peas & Lentils): These products are considered the most preferred diet rich vegetables. As the world demand increases Midgulf is already building an advantageous purchasing power with the main trade players. Our processing and bagging units optimize our overall handling and logistics operations.
In Addition To Above Commodities We Are Actively Trading The Following :

  • Sunflower meal.
  • Sugar.
  • Salt ( Cooking, Table).
  • Semolina.
  • Maize Grits.
  • Vegetable Oils.
  • Milk Powder.
  • Tomato Paste.
  • Tea.